Christianity 101

Christianity in America today is a far cry from that which is revealed in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. In nominal churches (those that don’t preach born-again), the concept of Christianity is going to church on Sunday and “trying” to lead a good life. Sad to say, in Evangelical and Full-Gospel churches today, it is not much different. Let’s take a look at what Christianity is NOT.

First of all, Sunday “church” is not Christianity, nor is what goes on in Sunday “church” Christianity.
Going to church on Sunday does not make us Christians any more than going to an airport makes us an airplane.

The four things that made the New Testament church strong and grow from Acts 2:42, 1) The Apostle’s doctrine, 2) fellowship, 3) the breaking of bread, 4) and prayer can all happen in a home setting any day or everyday of the week as well as they can in a building with a conglomerate of people.
The key for Sunday or midweek service to replicate NT Christianity most is to continue in the Apostles’ doctrine, which few if any churches promote today.
Basically, if all the activity is centered inside or around a church building then it’s not New Testament Christianity.

Christianity is not a self-help program for people to experience peace, joy, or comfort. It is not finding out how to get your needs met, or to find your place in society with a vocation and bringing Christianity to your job. It is not to make you a better husband, wife, father, mother, friend, etc.
All of these may result in a persons life and that concept is what most people believe Christianity is, but it is still NOT New Testament Christianity.

So what is New Testament Christianity all about?

Christianity is a person. It’s all about Jesus. To be a Christian is not what you do, but what you are.
And what you are is 24 hours a day surrendered and consecrated to Jesus Christ, His life, His commands, His principles, and totally abandoned from the world, the flesh, and the devil. Christianity is radically and effectively changing the world. It is a revolution. It is soul-winning. It is duplication – making disciples. It is destroying the works of the devil. Anything less is not Christianity.
It is taking apostolic principles from the word and living them in order to establish and advance His kingdom on earth. It is power, it is love, it is a disciplined mind. It is dominion over the works of darkness and setting the captives free. It is not being ashamed of Him that made us who we are. It is not being in bondage or bowing down to anything or anyone but Jesus. In light of what Christianity really is, can we honestly say we are Christians?