Free from the Law

Dear Dominion Grace Ministries:
Having listened intently to your recorded messages for the past year I can honestly say that one of my biggest epiphanies is the truth that there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ and live according to the spirit of life rather than the law. I feel freer than I have ever felt and my relationship with my Father has grown by leaps and bounds because I realize that no matter how ugly I might get in my flesh, He always loves me and will do absolutely anything for me. Dominion Grace means that I don’t have to earn God’s grace or even deserve it. God loves me, nothing can separate me from His love and therefore the time to receive His love and get the greatest dividends is right when I’m in the midst of my greatest need. I’ve learned that I don’t have to fix myself or get it all right before I go to my Father for help, advice or encouragement. He is always available and He makes all his gifts available to me right here on this earth…not just in the sweet by and by.
As a parent I have learned the importance of receiving God’s grace so that I can be more generous in extending it to my children and those around me. I recognize now that it truly is possible to live victoriously on this earth because I have the fullness of the Godhead permanently indwelling me through Jesus.
And finally, this message has freed me to pray for absolutely anyone or any situation and with absolute certainty, know that God has moved and released resurrection power and life into that situation. I never have to “wonder if He will show up or answer my prayer.” It is settled by the fact that the Word says the prayers of a righteous man avail much.” Period. Since my righteousness is a result of Christ and not what I do or say, then I can walk away from any prayer with confidence that God will always confirm what His Word says. God is always faithful and can be counted on no matter what.
If anyone is looking for teachings that are Biblically grounded, that will liberate them to walk this life as the Son of God that they are, then this is the message for them!
Gainesville, GA