Testimony from Kenya

Dear Pastor Joe and Elsa:
Thank you writing we had a wonderful service today with God’s blessing and power upon our people.
Here is a brief testimony of what God did through his servant when he came to Kenya last year, Pastor Joe and his wife. I invited them to speak to our pastors and church leaders in different churches. He has been in our country twice as a senior pastor and a Bishop of Word of Life Harvest Churches in Kenya. I have more 70 churches at moment working under me in different cities, after inviting pastor Joe his wife and sister Precious to speak to our pastors and church leaders in different parts of our country. I have received a lot of testimonies from these pastors and church leaders. The biggest testimony is how people have been giving their lives to Jesus.
The message preached by Pastor Joe was the real message of grace and our people have been practicing the message and it is working. People had received false doctrine from pastors and Bishop who need to gain from them but, after visiting some churches in different cities I found that churches are growing spiritually because they have known the truth which have set them free. The most important thing Pastor Joe talked about is what Jesus accomplished on the cross he said, it is finished and you can never again put condemn what God paid so much to redeem. You can never accuse or judge what God paid so much to forgive and make righteous. You can never again do anything to harm or weaken or destroy what God paid so much to heal, to restore and to save and the most important point on his message was that healing is for all and should be preached and practiced with all.
Regarding with healing, after visiting many churches people were healed. We had a lot of testimonies. We had people with H.I.V AIDS from our refugee camps in Eldoret. Eight women joined the church and gave us the living testimonies that they were tested negative and they were healed instantly. They went to the doctor the following day and realized that they were healed by the power of God. We had another testimony for a lady with a tumor she was healed instantly in Bungoma. We had a lame man who walked using a stick; he was healed instantly he was able to work up to now. We had a young boy with a big growth on the head. After Pastor left, I visited the boy and found that the mother was happy, because the doctor had asked them to pay $2000 for operation for his kid. The mother was shocked because the growth disappeared up to now. She was touched and paid for my house rent for two months praise God. I have so many testimonies from different churches which can take me the whole day to write. God really used his servant to bring this message of Grace which our brothers and sisters are practicing in their churches and it is working. Sorry for writing this long story.
God bless you and have a wonderful service.
Blessings in Jesus name
Pastor Chriss