Testimony from Upper Room Grace Ministry in Kenya

Dear Pastor Joe,
I would like to thank you for the message of grace which you preached to us. Although it was just for two days, it has left a big spiritual impact to me and my ministry. I also want to thank your wife Elsa and sister Precious.
Since that time, I received the message and started putting it in practice, and teaching it in all churches of Upper Room Grace Ministry as the founder.
I started witnessing people getting healed every time we pray for them. I remember of a woman who came to church with a swollen chest for the past 6 months. I prayed for her and the swelling just vanished in a day.
Another one is about a young man who had very swollen glands in the throat after the removal of a bad tooth. The swelling was on the stage of suffocating him to death. His parents came to church for prayer. I prayed with them and the following day, the disease had gone and he was discharged from hospital the same day. He has given his life to Jesus and now a member of the church.
You can recall that time my structure for the church was uncovered on top and it was raining all over inside when you prayed. After few days God moved a brother and he covered the roof with iron sheets. We have a big congregation now and there is life in the church.
Brother, for the last 14 years of pastoring churches, your message marked a new beginning in my ministry. I have received favor from God and other leaders in this western part of Kenya and now I was chosen as the chairman of pastors/bishops fellowship. I have also been able to plant three new churches in this short period. I have seen God provide school fees for our two children and supplied our daily needs.
My humble request is that you keep us in prayers and help me further in ministry to understand more about the grace of God. It is your message of grace that I have shared in a very church that I have gone. Lives are changing every day, people are getting saved, and the goodness of the Lord is experienced. I’m so happy…
Finally Pastor, my ministry has been given an opportunity to host this year’s pastors/leaders conference before the year ends. I request for prayer, speakers (preachers), and resources to enable us to bless Gods people.
God bless you.
Pastor Peter and Anne
Kenya, Africa