The American Dream

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are the basic tenants of the Declaration of Independence for all Americans. It is the very core of the system that governs our lives, yet interpreted through the understanding of natural man, is the foundation and eternal pathway to everlasting destruction. Yes, I’m talking about the American dream, the way it was initially intended, creates a mindset that is diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and is destroying our government, our nation, and our American church. Before you cry “anarchism”, let me explain.
Life to the natural man is existence. It is self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction, and self- protection. When perverted (fallen man) it is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. It’s goal is self and comes to an end when the last breath is expelled from the human body. It is only concerned with time here on earth. Contrast that to the Zoe life of God (Zoe is the God-kind of life) and you will find polar opposites. God’s life is a person. It is Jesus Christ. It is death to self and complete surrender to Almighty God. It is eternal, thus its motives and goals are eternal. For many Christians today, life is having a good family, a nice home, and a nest egg when we “retire” so we can vacation and enjoy the rest of our life. Jesus said to have life (be my disciple) you must forsake all and come and follow me. What we don’t realize is that Jesus said when you do this you get back 100 times more in this life with persecution (that’s the part we don’t like) and in the life to come (that’s eternity).
Liberty to Americans is “I can live the way I want and nobody is going to tell me otherwise.” Regardless of how I go about getting there, it’s my right to liberty. True freedom only comes through being born-again. Jesus said, “if you continue in My Word then you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free,” You can’t have liberty without the truth and that truth is Jesus, the Word of God. The liberty we have as Christians is to obey and stay in the parameters of the Word of God. It’s a spiritual liberty that can only be produced by the Spirit of Liberty, the Holy Spirit.
What really is going to make you happy? Money? Sex? Comfort? Isolation? Home? Car? All these are temporary. The only thing that will make us happy is carrying out the destination that God initially created us for. Dominion; To make earth like heaven. To rule and reign like He would rule and reign; To live for Him and to lay our lives down for others. And when it is all said and done what we have pursued will be our reward. Eternal life. A place in the everlasting Kingdom of God, ruling and reigning forever over all God’s creation with Jesus! We have 70 to 80 years here (I’m claiming 120 from Genesis 6) to determine our place in eternity. In view of this, are we living the American dream or God’s dream?