Are You Living Or Dying?

Do you find yourself in a rut? Is your life so locked into a routine that there is just no joy? Are you bored with life and need a change? Do you lack the motivation to go on with God or are you satisfied where you are in Christ? Whenever several of these “symptoms” are apparent in a person’s life it usually means that they have become self-focused.
Kathryn Kuhlman said that she “determined” not to allow self-pity or self-centeredness to have a place in her life, no matter what happened to her. She went on to say that all the “self” sins even self-indulgence and self-hatred (judging and condemning oneself) will hinder the person from moving in the Holy Spirit. We are either going to have a Spirit-centered life which brings joy and excitement or a self-centered life which drains the life of God right out of us.
When we get into a routine, even reading the Word, praying, going to church, doing our church duties we become stagnant. Can you see that all those things are being taken in? Like the Dead Sea that has everything coming into it but nothing flowing out it produces no life. Pretty soon we start getting on each other’s nerves and little petty things start spoiling our peace. What’s the solution?
Focus on what God is focused on. Harvest! People! Salvation! Healing! Discipleship! When was the last time we won somebody to the Lord? Some Christians haven’t won one soul to Jesus in five or ten years! But you don’t understand. My routine is just to go to church, do my job, and go home to my family. That is exactly what I am talking about. People are in boring mundane routines and we have to on purpose move out of them. The world is not going to come to us. We have to bring the kingdom of God to them. And if we don’t, we are going to be most miserable people. Friends, we will die spiritually. We’ll die as individuals and we will die as a church. God knows we can do it. He has empowered us and given us everything we need to be successful. Now it is up to us to get out of the rut and once and for all get going and not stop going until we are gone!