Testimony - Pastor A. Freeman, Host - Liberia, West Africa - April 22- May 26th 2014

Report on the visit of Pastor Joseph and Elsa Funaro to Liberia, West Africa.

April 22 – May 6th

Series of Activities were organized during this visit:
I. The mission activities started with our Midweek Service on Wednesday April 23rd where Pastor Joseph boldly ministered the Word, all those who attended were encouraged. The sick were prayer for, all those who came out for prayer were healed that night.

Life Changing Experience - Liberia 2013

Judi Le Fever
Apr 17 2013

Hi Joe.....here's my testimony of my Liberian Missions experience.
Firstly, I want to thank Pastor Joe for giving me and Pat the chance of a life time, to spread our wings and 'fly'.
I left the comforts of home in the USA with no preconceived expectations, but to only be open to anything and everything that the Lord had for me! Being my first time in Africa, nothing could have prepared me anyways!

Liberia 2013

My name is Patricia, and I was part of a team (4 of us in all) who visited and brought the Gospel of Grace to the nation of Liberia recently. In spite of the discomforts of a daily living, our group was well able to meet the challenge of ministering twice daily in churches in the city of Monrovia and other cities in the region.

Testimony from Upper Room Grace Ministry in Kenya

Dear Pastor Joe,
I would like to thank you for the message of grace which you preached to us. Although it was just for two days, it has left a big spiritual impact to me and my ministry. I also want to thank your wife Elsa and sister Precious.
Since that time, I received the message and started putting it in practice, and teaching it in all churches of Upper Room Grace Ministry as the founder.

Testimony from Kenya

Dear Pastor Joe and Elsa:
Thank you writing we had a wonderful service today with God’s blessing and power upon our people.
Here is a brief testimony of what God did through his servant when he came to Kenya last year, Pastor Joe and his wife. I invited them to speak to our pastors and church leaders in different churches. He has been in our country twice as a senior pastor and a Bishop of Word of Life Harvest Churches in Kenya. I have more 70 churches at moment working under me in different cities, after inviting pastor Joe his wife and sister Precious to speak to our pastors and church leaders in different parts of our country. I have received a lot of testimonies from these pastors and church leaders. The biggest testimony is how people have been giving their lives to Jesus.

Free from the Law

Dear Dominion Grace Ministries:
Having listened intently to your recorded messages for the past year I can honestly say that one of my biggest epiphanies is the truth that there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ and live according to the spirit of life rather than the law. I feel freer than I have ever felt and my relationship with my Father has grown by leaps and bounds because I realize that no matter how ugly I might get in my flesh, He always loves me and will do absolutely anything for me. Dominion Grace means that I don’t have to earn God’s grace or even deserve it. God loves me, nothing can separate me from His love and therefore the time to receive His love and get the greatest dividends is right when I’m in the midst of my greatest need. I’ve learned that I don’t have to fix myself or get it all right before I go to my Father for help, advice or encouragement. He is always available and He makes all his gifts available to me right here on this earth…not just in the sweet by and by.

Life Changing Power

I am a living testimony to the life changing power of Jesus Christ that works through Pastor Joe Funaro of Dominion Grace Ministries. I was a Christian hungry for the truth. I had been filled with mans’ doctrine making Gods word in my life to no effect. Mark 7:13. Over a 6 month period Pastor Joe Funaro has taught me who I am in Christ Jesus. He has torn down the walls of religion in my life allowing me to experience the life changing power of the Holy Spirit. Dominion Grace Ministries has been there for my family and is available to meet the needs of anyone at any time.

Transformational Power of the Gospel of Grace

Dear Pastor Joe,
I thank God for leading me to your church. After searching for years for a Pastor who would teach me the truth of who I am in Christ, what I have been given as a child of God, and what I can do with it, I found all that and more in your teachings at Dominion Grace Ministries. My life has been forever changed for the better because it’s only the truth that truly sets you free.

Thank you from Liberia

Dear Pastor Joseph,
I am glad that you and your wife were able to visit Liberia to share the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Indeed, your visit was a blessing to me and all those that attended the meetings. Your teachings brought a deeper and clearer understanding about the Gospel of Grace and Dominion. Many who have been living under the bondage of the Law were delivered and fully translated into the kingdom of light. Your teachings are simple and thereby can lead one to know the full benefits of Salvation through grace and walk in total victory over Sin.